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Bruce Rauner Wants to Put This Man on a Pedestal?

Bruce Rauner says his role model is former governor of  Indiana Mitch Daniels.  The guy George W. Bush called “Blade”.  Who ran the Office of Management and Budget under “W”.  Who  told us at the time the Iraq War would cost a measly $65 million.   When it really set us back something closer to a... Read more »

Reflections on Sabermetrics and Modern Prophets of the Hot Stove League

  In the forum of baseball eristics, The fans nowadays use statistics Like tea leaves and palms Or the numbers in Psalms Or  the visions of Far Eastern mystics.

How Well Do You Know the Middle East? Can You Identify Their "Windy Cities"?

    It looks like we’re stuck in the Middle East.  Again.  So the least we should do is learn a thing or two about it.  Let’s start with their cities. Everyone, I think, knows that Chicago is the 3rd most populous city in our country. Can you match the number of the Middle East ... Read more »

Thank You, Mr. Clooney, For Taking the Weight Off My Shoulders

A security breach by a loony, The war between Shia and Sunni. From this terror and grief Therapeutic relief Was  the tying the knot of George Clooney.