Fall in My Garden

Welcome to my garden as it girds for a howling Halloween.

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  • 10--but what is the name of the flower?

    12--ornamental cabbage-I saw that and ornamental kale in a garden center. However, there is a pretty big rabbit problem here, so do they eat the cabbage?

    14--hostas here already turned brown.

    26--burning bush-strangely, the ones by the driveway turned blaze red a couple of weeks ago, but those outside my window are still green. Also, the landscaper didn't get my Moses reference, nor the reference that you can tell the dogwood by its bark.

    27--I don't get "multistem trees," but the landscape committee has planted several where ash used to be. The ones that appear to be maple (and survived) also turned blaze red, but those leaves are gone.

    And it is snowing here at the moment, so I don't know how long the geraniums and begonias are going to last. A couple of years ago, they lasted until mid December, but I don't think so this year.

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