Crashing While Not on a Diet?

PHOTO: New Humanetics crash test dummies are modeled after a 270-pound person.


NPR News: The world's largest maker of crash test dummies is making one that is obese.

Our engineers in earnest strive

To make sure cars are safe to drive.

They're testing them with newer  dummies

Who have more stuffing in their  tummies;

The fat will live with safer seating.

They'll live to die from overeating.



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  • I suppose that with the stink about Japanese air bags in about everyone's cars, NHTSA had to do something. Apparently the converse of putting an 85lb adult in the shotgun seat and the air bag killing her. Car and Driver got into a huff (I guess about 15 years ago) about someone being convicted of putting a child in the front seat, except, as they pointed out, it was a 2 seat pickup truck. As this implies, an air bag designed for the obese may kill the rest of us, unless the seat has a scale in it.

    I suppose lardo wants to get into the new Alfa Romeo 4C.

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