Where Are the Songs of Yesteryear?

Where are the songs of yesteryear?

The tunes that you could hum.

Now they have words you cannot hear

And what they say is dumb.

Where are the songs of yesteryear?

Whose strains were so romantic.

Now at a volume too much for the ear

They  leave you  all frazzled and frantic.

Where are the songs of yesteryear?

The kind which you dream of your girl in

Now we get Bieber or someone his peer.

And no one like Gershwin or Berlin.





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  • The songs of my yesteryear are on 94.7 and 104.3. Now, maybe the question is where are the songs of my father's yesteryear.

    Also those may be on Sirius XM 4 or 72, but I don't think that the target audience is interested in subscribing just for that.

  • 'Swonderful post! "Now I long for yesterday-ay-ay-ay!"

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