The Arboreal Mystery on South State And My Condolences to Bonnie McGrath


(The following verse was occasioned by reading "The City of Chicago is broke but not when it comes to wasting trees" from Bonnie McGrath's blog "Mom, I Think I'm Poignant".)

I think that I shall never see

Why a mayor cuts down a healthy tree.

But if you ask  Bonnie McGrath,

She'll say Chicago's mayor hath.

Two trees he bid his henchmen decimate

Were stately specimens on State.

How  Bonnie deplores this  senseless deed

And wonders who and why decreed.

Though conceding  a tree's life's  precarious,

She thinks these killings a bit more  nefarious.

Ah, poems are made by fools like me,

But  goddamn, Mayor, why Bonnie's tree?




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  • Marvelous! Thanks -- and my condolences to Bonnie, too!

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