Research May Show Why Santa Claus Hasn't Lost His Marbles


From a Newsmax-health report : Medical investigators from the University of Oxford have found that people in their 80s are 22 % less likely to develop dementia. [Nick Tate]

A  new British  study now  seemingly shows

Less chance of dementia with more adipose.

So  octogenarians, with irony fraught,

May be heavy in body and heavy in thought.

















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  • This one's definitely on a certain Nice list!

  • I have the feeling that the reason is because 70% developed it by age 65. As illustrated on Whose Line is it Anyway? rerun tonight. women over 80 are not likely to acquire menstrual cramps, either.

    Also, I thought that the reason Santa was not losing his marbles was that he was giving out anatomically correct Barbies, instead. At least if one believes the right pane.

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