Czar Nicholas II Rap


Last night I went to bed about 10 p.m.   A hour and a half later I got up with an upset stomach.  Took something for it and turned on the TV.  On CBS a commercial had just ended and the announcer for Letterman returned with the following:  "He was highfalutin. A friend of Rasputin. That's as far as I've gotten with  my rap on Czar Nicholas II."   As I sat letting the Maalox work, I wondered what the rest of the rap would sound like.   I tossed it around in  my head lying in  bed again.   And this morning I  put together my own  rap version.  I haven't come up with my rap name yet.  How does Dyspeptic-T sound?

He was highfalutin

A friend of Rasputin

In Moscow they called him the Czar.

But Lenin the Bolshevik

Did bump off  this royal  Nick

And that's how we got where we are.

That God Who's  the Giver

Of  Peace him  deliver

From evil be all of our wishes.

O Crimea River!

O Crimea River!

Czar Nicholas rests with the fishes.






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  • Notorious Q !

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    I don't know. Is it mean-street enough?

  • Sorry, I can't cry you a river quite yet -- I'm laughing too hard. Serious stuff, I know (well, I would!), but that use of Crimea is perfectly funny!

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    I'm glad to hear you laughed, Margaret. Sometimes, it feels like I'm the only one who does.

  • P.S. Dyspeptic-T sounds great -- maybe a.k.a. Notorious Q!

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Margaret, maybe I could combine them. Q-T?

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