A Case of Semantics (My Apologies to ChicagoNow Blogger, Margaret Serious)


Is it "nauseous"or just  "nauseating"?

Both indicate something one's hating.

The object most foul?

Its  effect on  your bowel?

Which one is which I'm still debating.


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  • In the thesaurus in my head, nauseous is how you feel when you are about to puke, nauseating is what makes you feel that way. Next inquiry is into flatulent and flatulence, the latter of which has an effect of the bowel, while the 2 you cited are more upper tract.

    I'm also trying to determine how long it takes food to go down the Alimentary Canal, and whether it traverses Albany, Rome, and Rochester before getting there.

  • Thank you for clearing that up, Professor Jack. As for the loose use of "bowel'---my only defense is poetic license.

  • Apology accepted, my friend! It must be the most poetic apology I've ever had.

  • Another reply follows....

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