The Only Thing Missing in the "TRUMP" Debate Is Sense

What do you think about Mr. Trump's sign?

Is it malignant or is it benign?

Take a position if you so incline.

No matter if it's all a bit asinine.

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  • Maybe based on the the result of The Apprentice, No. 1 of too many, he'll take down Trump and put up RANCIC, since Bill's prize was supposedly being put in charge of this project. Any better?

    BTW, Pat Ryan got to put AON on everything, without much flack, including Ryan Field, despite Dyche supposedly having it in perpetuity.

    In fact, I wonder what Emanuel did with all the "Richard J. Daley, Mayor" signs. At least someone sensible decided that all the Stroger and Blagojevich signs should be covered over instead of replaced.

  • In reply to jack:

    Or Richard M.

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