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Donald Trump Brands His Building. Whose Fault Is It?

Who would have thunk it?  Scores of otherwise prim and proper people have risen in revolt against a mere 5-letter word. TRUMP! It all has to do with the Donald’s mostly acclaimed Downtown skyscraper: Trump International Hotel and Tower. You might be telling yourself, “Great, just what we need, more hype  from His Highness of... Read more »

On Balance Summer Isn't So Bad

The following verse came about after I read “12 bad things about summer” on Weather Girl’s ChicagoNow blog ‘Chicago Weather Watch’ It’s absolutely true  our  summers Occasionally are bummers. But summer’s sins are splinters Compared to  the cudgels of winters.    

Let's Face It: The Republicans Will Never Support This President.

  President Barack  Obama Did apprehend and kill Osama. He’s ending what George Bush began In dangerous Afghanistan. And just in case you have   lost track, Our troops have exited Iraq. But Republicans still give  him grief For failing as  Commander-in- Chief. They hint  that like some Wizard of Oz, he Pulled the levers... Read more »

Thoughts on a Vegan Way of Life

  We should all eat more veggies and fruit And eat less of the fowl and brute, But old habits die hard So my diet’s still marred By a burger with bacon to boot. Postscript: This post marks a milestone for this blogger. It is my 1000th. Thanks for reading on the way here.