Let's Face It: The Republicans Will Never Support This President.


President Barack  Obama

Did apprehend and kill Osama.

He's ending what George Bush began

In dangerous Afghanistan.

And just in case you have   lost track,

Our troops have exited Iraq.

But Republicans still give  him grief

For failing as  Commander-in- Chief.

They hint  that like some Wizard of Oz, he

Pulled the levers of Benghazi.

And now he trades 5 Taliban

To free a held American.

No matter what he does or might

They won't approve it on the Right.




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  • Lets say 75% percent of Republican's would never support the Prez., that's 19.5 percent of voters, unworthy of your lament IMO.

    Also, you left out a lot of facts, but that's okay, life is more about will, which I believe you've shown much of, Aquinas, compared to the many Democrats that are jumping ship.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    4zen, thanks for dropping in. I understand your first point. But then again I did get more specific in that last line and word: 'Right'. But, granted, many Republicans are not so intransigent.

    Of course, the constraints of the verse and its controlling idea did require being a bit selective, but I concede the validity of your second point.

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