If You Can Channel Carl Sagan, You Might Do Well On This Test.

In the vastness of space are spectacular tracts of dust, gas, and ionized hydrogen and helium. Astronomers have given them evocative names. Can you guess what they are? A perfect score will give you a place among the stars.  Answers follow a picture of Charles Messier who catalogued some of the following.



a) Trifid     b) Ruffled     c) Cotton Boll



a) Lagoon     b) Pearl     c) Marshmellow


a) Swan     b) Ham Bone     c)  Wizard



a) North American     b) Balloon     (c)  Genie



a) Crab     b) Turquoise     c)  Beetle


a) Eskimo     b) Doughnut     c)  Calliope


a) Horsehead     b) Rabbit     c) Anteater


[M16, Eagle]















a) Eagle     b) Sistine Chapel     c)  Pogo


a) Ring     b) Lozenge     c) Lenticular


a) Cat's Eye     b) Seashell     c) Placenta


All correct answers are "a".



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  • Thanks, AW--Great pictures, and what a fun quiz! (I got 8 out of 10)

    Have you ever tried the Messier Marathon?
    (I haven't--yet!)

  • Glad you like the test, WG. Your score was astonishingly good. I'd say you're ready to mess with the Messier.

    BTW, neither have I.

  • I bow to your superior knowledge, both of you -- I loved the pictures, but I was led astray by several Bs. I got a 4.

  • MS, thanks for taking the test. Sorry about those B's, Actually, I can't blame you for choosing 'B' for 9 and 10. For those the 'B' really does make sense.

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