A Love Letter To My Bloomin' Mistress


A day doesn't go by, but I think of you. Now summer is here and you grow lovelier lying in the sun or wind-blown in the shade.  Sometimes after a shower, your bedraggled look enchants and  your scent --- so fresh and sweet.---ravishes the air and captivates with its sensuousness.

I've communed with you in many a bed, seeing your beauty uncovered each spring as if for the first time.  Your two lips are so luscious then.

O, how I've passionately cultivated  our liaisons.  I know our love is evanescent.  And next year you may not be the same.  But while you're gone, I still plot for your return.  Thanks for sharing your loveliness while time allows. I'm grateful for the moments.

I love you, my garden.

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  • This is delightful! Your garden must be beautiful....

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