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Bill O'Reilly Takes Aim At Stephen Colbert

  Liberals, Progressives, and Gays, Oh, My!  Liberals, Progressives, and Gays, Oh, My! Not to worry, Fox Nation. Bill O’Reilly has his blunderbuss and will protect ye. As Christians close in on their holiest day, Easter,  Bill has put on the  armor of righteousness  to  join  battle with yet   another Anti-Christ: Stephen Colbert.  And... Read more »

How Smart Are You? Take This Crossword IQ Test

  I’m a cruciverbalist. I solve crossword puzzles. Or at least try to. Here are some clever clues from one—-a New York Times Saturday no less—from 2009. No, it didn’t take me that long to solve it . It just happens to be one left from a desk calendar whose daily puzzles I saved to... Read more »

The SAT Is Watering Down Its Vocabulary Component

I didn’t take the SAT when I was at Holy Trinity High School many Blood moons ago. The Holy Cross brothers thought the ACT was a better measurement  of  intellectual chops, and who was a naif, such as I,  to raise an objection. SAT? ACT? After WWII, acronyms ruled the world. One thing I knew... Read more »

Hillary Takes a Shoe for Recycling

  Remember when a protester in Iraq  tossed a shoe at President George W. Bush back in 2008?  Like everything else about our military and nation-building  fiasco in that country, it was totally unexpected. If his advisors had informed Bush  about this peculiar Arabic cultural form of dissent, he may have been better prepared.  Shoes... Read more »

Is It Bush or Is It Perry?

Around this time last year I pointed out that  Pope Francis looked very much like Jonathan Pryce [March 13, 2013, ‘Astounding Resemblance Between Pope Francis I and the Actor Who Played Peron’]. I was surprised to  hear from someone in Belgium who thought the same thing. I have this habit —it gets on my wife’s... Read more »

Tornado: God's Way of Creating Jobs

  A tornado creates jobs?  Think of it. New construction. Insurance claims. Medical and, maybe, psychiatric services too. Well, that  might be how some Republicans  would see it. If  I understand  their world view. Everything seems to be  about money. Profit.   About making offerings on the altar of  Mammon. I would rather look at a... Read more »

Downton Abbey and a Milestone in the Movies

A century ago yesterday the first full-length color movie opened in England. “The World, the Flesh and the Devil”.  The title comes from the Book of Common Prayer. According to my Downton Abbey deck calendar, it was a “silent British drama, directed by F. Martin Thornton…about a rotten lawyer trying to find a way to... Read more »

Mr. Boehner, Why Don't You Act Like Tip?

  According to a  recent Economist poll, only 8% of voters approve of the job Congress is doing.  Why? Plain and simple: the partisan gridlock. In case you stopped counting,  this is officially the 113th Congress.  At its current pace, it may not be any more productive than the 112th Congress, which only managed to... Read more »

Mickey Rooney and Thomas Edison

  On Sunday Mickey Rooney gave a command performance for his Maker . I hope he got good reviews. Mickey was a genuine Hollywood movie star.  In his  salad days he was usually boffo at the  box office. Coincidentally, on the day Rooney passed on, the   Quote-Acrostic  in the Tribune’s “Life and Style” section ... Read more »

Jeb Bush and Bobby Jindal, the New Republicans: Old Wine in New Wineskins?

  Everyone should reinvent himself occasionally.  It’s boring to be predictable. Ask  Cuban-American Alex Castellanos, Republican consultant, CNN talking head,  and a  media major-domo. After the Romney-for-President train wreck, Castellanos went about trying to reconstruct the party’s image . He created the SuperPac, ‘’ It was an attempt to win over the demographics that have... Read more »