William Jennings Bryan: Creationism's War-Horse

Born today? William Jennings Bryan.

Who could whip up a crowd without even tryin'.

More storied than even his elocution:

His mossback defense of evolution.

"The issue is plain: The Evolutionists intend, through our tax-supported schools, to change our Bible and our religion. A prominent Evolutionist has put it plainly: "We intend, first, to reconstruct Bible history in harmony with the theory of Evolution. Second, to eliminate by this process all that is supernatural in the record." Eliminate all that is supernatural, and you have no real Redeemer left, and hell will be the home of every responsible human being. There is the issue and we need to face it. As Mr. Guizot well put it, "All those who are still Christians and believers in a supernatural life, must become united against the mission of materialistic doctrines!" And, as quoted by Pater Mundi, one of the most eminent of modern scientists said, "The evangelistic churches cannot, in consistency with their character, or with due regard to the interests of their people, slight or overlook a form of error at once exceedingly plausible and consummately dangerous and which is telling so widely on sanity that one can scarcely travel by railway or in a steamboat, or encounter a group of intelligent mechanics, without finding decided trace of its ravages." [William Jennings Bryan, from his pamphlet "The Menace of Evolution"]





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  • Double negative in the last sentence seems to confuse things. I suppose one could take the railroad or steamboat and find numerous people who have not evolved.

    It is like someone who posted about Cosmos "is it friendly to religion?" Between the slap at the Inquisition and last Sunday's on evolution, I don't think so.

  • Thanks for reading, Jack. On the grammar point, I do have enough expertise to volunteer an opinion. After parsing and diagramming William Buckley's sentences on occasion, I've developed a sixth sense for double negatives and their ilk. . However, though it's circuitous and opaque, the last sentence doesn't have one.

    As far as people who have not evolved, I'd rather not be too uncharitable to our friends on the Right.

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