Howard Pyle: Errol Flynn Portrayed His Image of the Prince of Thieves


Today's birthday is Howard Pyle's.

He drew on the legends of the British Isles.

He enlivened our fancies so that we stood

In Sherwood Forest with Robin Hood.

"  [Pyle] transformed Robin Hood from a bandit to a heroic defender of the weak.... Pyle’s first full length work was a highly successful interpretation of  the Robin Hood stories which he called The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood.  It was the first time the ballads of Robin Hood had been collected and woven into a single narrative, but Pyle was happy to alter the original stories.  While he did preserve some of the original content, he essentially re-wrote the entire set of stories in order to form a cohesive narrative and make them ideal reading for children with hero figures, true villains and righteous causes." [Scott Laming in "The Man Who Rewrote History"]

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