Captain Kidd: King of Pirates

Born today was Captain Kidd.

This  legendary pirate hid

His gold  on isles with sundry coves.

Some still search for  his treasure troves.

The Argus: Richard Knight after he returned from his teasure hunt in Vietnam

"[Richard Knight] hired a small fishing boat and navigated by the stars until he hit land.

At first light he tied up the vessel and made his way across the island with just a metal detector, crowbar and spade along with basic provisions and dollar bills to bribe any natives.

He started to dig and after hours in the sweltering sun, he unearthed three packed treasure chests.

Inside were gold and silver coins, both Oriental and European, and invaluable jade and porcelain figurines.

Mr. Knight stuffed as much of the treasure into sacks as possible before heading for another suspected burial site.

But fearing his luck may run out, he scampered back to his fishing ship with the intention of returning for the rest at a later date.

He buried the treasure he had managed to grab in case he was targeted by thieves but before he could recover it he was stopped by Communist guards, accused of being a spy and jailed.

Mr Knight served 14 months in prison before returning to Sussex but died before he could return for his loot, taking the location of the buried treasure to his grave." []



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