Nicholas Copernicus: He "Turned the Whole of Astronomy Upside Down"

Today's the birthday of Copernicus

Whose view of the Sun created  a fuss.

Around old Sol he said we go,

But the powers that be kept  the status quo.


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  • Many thanks! Have you read a book about "De Revolutionibus" called "The Book Nobody Read"? I read the latter (not the former, at least yet) and loved it. Sorry I've forgotten the author, but he was a bit of a prophet -- the poor (in luck, not quality) thing is out of print!

  • In reply to MargaretSerious:

    Thanks, MargaretSerious. I love it when someone recommends a good book. I googled and found the author is Owen Gingerich, and the book seems to be available on Amazon. The summary I read said that the author found Galileo's and Kepler's annotated copiesof "De Revolutionibus". Fascinating. Thanks for the tip.

  • Again, you had a congruence with Craig Ferguson, who pointed out that your last week's Galileo had not invented the telescope at the time of Copernicus. Then Geoff and he went back and forth with the Queen Galileo song, and Geoff's intro for the Tweetmail had something about a heliocentric show with comedy gold orbiting it, to which Craig said that was too high concept.

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