Mary Quant: The Goddess of Mod


Born today was Mary Quant:

In her life fashion was paramount.

Feminine legs  are much better overt

And so she invented the  miniskirt.

I love vulgarity, good taste is death, vulgarity is life”
Mary Quant

Being true to her principles, she was appointed in 1966  to the Order of the British Empire and  arrived at Buckingham Palace to accept the award in a cream wool jersey minidress with blue facings.

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  • So how did she lend her name to a form of stock market analysis (or the people who engage therein)?

    But let's hear it for the miniskirt. Compare the times then to little girls now wearing shorts that are so short that they barely cover their bum (as the British would put it). Sort of similar to this being the 50th anniversary of the Beatles and people then saying "they have a lot of hair."

  • In reply to jack:

    Those Wall Street quants did expose the wobbling legs of our economic system.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Or caused them.

  • She is lovely, still, with that Sassoon haircut, and fearless attitude. In a way, a revolutionary...

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