James Joyce: A Novel Genius and Incomprehensibility Personified

Born today was  James Joyce.

For the casual reader, he's not a good choice.

He could be your worst nightmare and acutest  headache.

Try reading his  impenetrable "Finnegan's Wake".


[Two quotes from "Finnegan's Wake"]

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Tags: 1882-1941, Ulysses


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  • Love James Joyce! Portrait of the Artist is my favorite - as you allude to some of his work can be more dense...

  • Sometimes the meanings of his words are obtuse or "dense", but they "sound" so good and roll of the tongue of the mind, even though the mind is saying "huh?"

  • AW, thanks again. This is good stuff.

    Greetings, Julia! I love Joyce, too. Portrait is so good. Ulysses is my favorite--Molly Bloom's speech is pure poetry...

    Finnegan's Wake is daunting--a friend once said you have to be drunk and/or Irish to understand it. Reading aloud, it is music. Richard you express it so well! Just beyond meaning...

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