George Frideric Handel: Hallelujah! It's His 329th Birthday!

Today's the birthday of George Handel.

Music lovers in England'll

Absolutely tell you  why a

Person should  know his "Messiah".


[The Great Handel Festival of 1857 at the Crystal Palace in London's Hyde Park. It had a choir of 2000 and and orchestra of 500.]

"Handel is often regarded as being a British composer. Although born in Halle, Germany, he spent much of his life in London and lived in a beautiful house in Brook Street where he composed many of his finest works. In 1727 he applied for British citizenship, which was immediately granted and Handel assumed the role of composer of music for royal occasions. This led to him writing four fantastic anthems for the coronation of George II, perhaps the most famous of which is 'Zadok the Priest', which has been performed at nearly every British coronation since. His music is wonderfully melodic and holds a unique place in the repertoire of the Baroque composers." [Chris Craker, "Get Into Classical Music: From the Four Seasons to Pavarotti", pp.56-57]


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  • Hallelujah! I'm finally catching up on my reading! Thanks for being a great incentive -- I know I'll always be fascinated.

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