Rene-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle: He Claimed Louisiana for France

File:Lasalle au Mississippi.jpg
Born today French explorer  La Salle

Sailed the Mississippi  in the barque La Belle.

The ship was sunk in a bend in the night.

Proving the barque was worse than  the  bight.

"As the ship was driven southward across the bay,  the anchor dragged until the ship plunged stern first into the reef of barrier  sand known today as Matagorda   Peninsula. Still some  distance from shore, the crew was unable to free the ship. Lacking the  lifeboat, two men attempted to reach the shore with a poorly constructed raft.  The raft came apart; one man swam ashore, but the other drowned. At last a more  solid raft was built, and the crew was able to set up camp on the beach and  ferry supplies from the wreck until the ship began to settle into the bottom and  the cargo became submerged." [Texas Beyond History]

Cofferdam built around the site where the La Belle was discovered.


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  • Also had a street named after him. You know, Cavelier Street, in front of the 11 S. LaSalle building.

    Streetwise Chicago states his connection to Chicago, and also that his followers mutinied and killed him.

  • Thanks, AW!
    LaSalle, IL (my home town) was named after him. He constructed Fort St. Louis on this huge bluff overlooking the Illinois River (where Starved Rock State Park is today) between what are now the towns of Utica and LaSalle-Peru.

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