Rene Magritte: Sleight of Hand Surrealist

Born today: Rene Magritte

He showed us where the  real and unreal meet.

If you haven't already, it's time that you him see

He'll delight you with trompe l'oeil and wraparound whimsy.

"'Reproduction Prohibited' gives us a psychic jolt. Most of us, at times, find it difficult to believe completely in our own reality. Who are we? What do other people see? Which is true---how I appear or how I am? And how do I know what I am? This is the role of the Surrealist---to stir up such uncertainties and make us look at the ordinary with fresh understanding. Here, a man looks into the mirror and is confronted  by an image of himself from behind. As a concept it is terrifyingly simple, and one cannot come to terms with it an any logical manner." ["Sister Wendy's 1000 Masterpieces" p. 287]
Not for Conservative Eyes:


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  • A very formal Surrealist if you could call him that more profound in my thinking than Dali such tasteful angst like Chaim Soutine on a mission.

  • In reply to Craig Jackson:

    Thanks for your astute assessment, Craig. Magritte reminds me of the Neo-Classical precision and succinctness of David.

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