Tito Gobbi: Lyric Opera's Otello Dedicated to Him

Born today was Tito Gobbi

Operatic baritone.

With de los Angeles in  obi,

Singing Butterfly he shone.

"Lyric Opera is dedicating this revival of Otello to the memory of artistic director emeritus Bruno Bartoletti, whose artistry and wisdom enriched the company for nearly half a century.

The Otello performances are also dedicated to one of the most remarkable artists in Lyric Opera history, baritone Tito Gobbi, in the centenary year of his birth.

Gobbi was instrumental in bringing Bartoletti to Lyric Opera’s attention. Together they were true Lyric pioneers, whose commitment and achievements played an immensely important role in the company’s development and growth." [lyricopera.org]

Author's note: This post was published on the actual day of Gobbi's birth, October 24.  In some inexplicable way the published date appears as October 21.

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