William Howard Taft: A Presidential Heavyweight

Today is the birthday of William H. Taft

The biggest of presidents, aft and abaft.

For the history-challenged with memories misty,

Suffice it to say there is hope for Chris Christie.*


"Justice Brewer of the Supreme Court said that 'Taft is the politest man in Washington; the other day he gave up his seat in a street-car to three ladies.'" [Mark Sullivan in "Our Times: 1900-1925")

*Taft weighed about 335 lb. when he was our 27th President; his body mass was 42.3. Christie  has weighed as much as 360 lb.; at 5'11" with a  body mass of 46.6.  If his avoirdupois remains the same, Christie, if elected, would be the biggest person to fill the Oval Office.


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  • Except you forgot that Christie had the band around the stomach surgery.

  • In reply to jack:

    Then, I guess, Taft's record is safe.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    And maybe 2 out of 3 seats on NJ Transit. As I understand it, Newark still has streetcars.

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