Mitzi Gaynor: There Is Nothing Like This Dame

Born today was Mitzi Gaynor,
Dynamic, gorgeous entertainer.
Singing and dancing---was terrific
As Nellie Forbush in "South Pacific".

"Nellie Forbush was one of the first feminist characters and she didn’t know it,” Gaynor said. “She was just a little girl from Little Rock.  A nice girl from a nice family- brought up right. Nellie was college educated in her twenties, a trained nurse.  She’s never been away from home and winds up on an island in the Pacific, surrounded by servicemen.  She meets a man with an accent she’s never heard before who offers her a brandy and a plantation.  She initially can’t get over her own prejudices- he was married to a black woman and has Polynesian children, which to her are black. ‘Before you’re six or seven or eight, you’re taught to hate everyone your family hates’ were the lyrics.  But Nellie overcomes what she was taught as a child, and when her great love is killed in action, Nellie commits to raise his children as her own.” []

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