Charles Dawes: A Well-Tuned Statesman

Born today was Veep Charles Dawes.

On a Nobel Peace Prize rests his fame.

But I remember him mostly because

Of the music he wrote for "It's All in the Game".

It's All In the Game Sheet Music Preview Page 1


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  • Is this synchronicity?...Just this morning another Nobel Peace prize winner announced U.S. intentions to gear up the war machine for a little excursion in Syria.

    Why?, you ask. Well, it appears someone has re-made Bush Jr.'s top 40 hit, 'WMD'. I remember the crazy gyrations that snappy tune invoked, can those kids still shake a leg?

  • In reply to 4zen:

    In this case, it isn't that WMDs were supposedly in hiding, but known WMDs were apparently used.

    On the main topic, I thought the post was going to be about "Listen my children, and I shall pause/To tell you the story of William Dawes." But it wasn't, although the Nobel page says he was a descendant.

    It also points out that Charles Dawes lived in Evanston and owned an artificial gas plant near there. I have plenty of natural gas, though, at the moment (burp). Then he was Veep for Calvin Coolidge.

    Finally, it says that the League of Nations invited him to chair a committee on German reparations for WWI, for which he received the Nobel Prize. However, it is not mentioned that the whole post-WWI scenario gave rise to WWII, so maybe 4zen has a point about the Nobel Prize.

  • It's ironic, at least. What did Santayana say? Those who don't remember the past are condemned to repeat it?

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