Tom Hanks: Distinguished Actor and Moviegoer Favorite


On this day we commemorate the birth of  Tom Hanks,
Known from the Grand Canyon up to the Grand Banks.

He played  Forrest Gump and he walked the Green Mile,
In  "Sleepless in Seattle" he made us all smile.*


*He's got to be in my top ten, maybe even top five, actors of all time. But one thing for certain, I've seen him in more movies than any other actor. And I'm not a movie freak by any means. I've missed a few, but here, in no particular order, are the ones I didn't:

1.Forrest Gump (1994)

2. Castaway(2000)

3. Saving Private Ryan(1998)

4. Big(1988)

5. The Green Mile (1999)

6. The Da Vinci Code(2006)

7. Road to Perdition(2002)

8. Splash(1984)

9. You've Got Mail(1998)

10. Catch Me If You Can(2002)

11. Sleepless in Seattle(1993)

12. Apollo 13(1998)

13. The Ladykillers(2004)

14. The Money Pit(1986)

15. Cars(2006)

16. Dragnet(1987)

17. The Bonfire of Vanities(1990)

18. Punchline(1988)

19. The Bachelor's Party(1995)

20. The 'Burbs(1993)

And, according to a Reader's  Digest poll of Most Trusted People in America (May 7, 2013),  Hanks is Numero Uno at 65%.

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  • A lot of excellent movies on that list, Forrest Gump being one of my all-time favorites and most quoted, but 'The Burbs' is a very funny over looked cult classic.

    "I may not be a smart man, but I know what love IS." -Forrest Gump

  • In reply to 4zen:

    My own favorite is "The Green Mile".

    Arlen Bitterbuck: Do you believe that if a man repents enough for what he done wrong, than he'll get to go back to the time that was the happiest for him and live there forever?

    Paul Edgecomb: I just about believe that very thing.

    Arlen Bitterbuck: I had a young wife when I was 18. We spent the summer in the mountains, made love every night. After we would talk sometimes till the sun came up, and she'd lay there, bare breasted in the fire light...that was the best time.

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