Isaac Bashevis Singer: Master Storyteller: Chronicler of the Human Comedy

Born on this day: Isaac Bashevis Singer

He had on the pulse of his people his finger.

He wrote of the customs, tribulations, and mettle

Of the Jews in East Europe who lived in a shetl..*

*Barbara Streisand made the  enchantingly memorable movie "Yentl" based on a play co-authored by Singer,  which itself was  based on his short story, "Yentl, the Yeshiva Boy".  It tells of the young daughter of a Jewish scholar who, after his death, decides to assume the identity of a young man so she could pursue her study of  the Talmud. The score by Michel Legrand is sonorously beautiful (e.g. 'Papa,  Can You Hear Me?').  Although the critics at the time shared my assessment of the film, Singer, ironically, objected to Streisand's interpretation of the central character, Yentl.


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  • The question is whether somebody left the top illustration posted throughout South Shore and Park Manor before they left the neighborhoods.

  • Because they are vegetarians?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Definitely not. Just ask Harold's #1, #2, .... Moo & Oink is out of business, but still available at other stores.

    Also going back to Singer's point, there would not be a need for numerous pages of Kosher laws, although those who are Kosher and trust nobody are vegetarians. There is a sign at one such produce market that you still have to wash the bugs out of it.

    You can check with Hammerman on this one:
    Q: What is the difference between Garden Fresh Market salsa and GFM Kosher salsa?
    A: $2 a pound.

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