Lena Horne: Magnificent Voice, Astonishing Beauty,and Courageous Standard-bearer for Civil Rights


On this day in Brooklyn born

The great jazz artist Lena Horne.

She sang a soulful "Stormy Weather"

And marched with Dr. King together.*

*In the spring of 1963, before the March on Washington, Horne traveled  the south with Medgar  Evers and other civil rights campaigners, Indeed, she sang at a rally where  Evers spoke in Jackson, Mississippi, just days before Evers was  assassinated.

Following the killing of Evers, Horne joined Harry Belafonte, Dick Gregory,  James Baldwin and Lorraine Hansberry, at a meeting with Attorney General Robert  F. Kennedy where the leading artists and authors pressured the Kennedy  administration to become more active in fighting to stop violence in the south  and to end segregation.

After appearing at the March on Washington, Horne used her singing  talents to raise money for the civil rights movement and other causes. At  Carnegie Hall, where she raised $50,000 for the Gandhi Society for Human Rights  with an October, 1963, benefit, Horne was introduced by Dr. King.

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