Jacques Cousteau: Oceanography Technician--"Allez voir"

cousteauBorn today was Jacques Cousteau.

Explored the Seas for miles below.

There vast expanses he did see

And showed us them  with photography.
Softly aglow, a jet-propelled diving saucer hovers over the sea floor.


"If somebody said: 'what do you expect to see at the bottom of the Romanche Trench?' -- which they were the first to photograph -- he would say: 'If I knew what I expected to see why would I go? Why would I even look?' So it was 'allez voir,'" Schiefelbein says.

"Allez voir" ("go see") was advice that Cousteau himself followed right until the end.




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  • I was hoping you would write something about Jacques Cousteau, today (I knew it was his birthday)---what a wonderful post! Thank you.

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    Thanks, again, Weather Girl. I'm not surprised about your interest in Cousteau---the oceans affect our weather (and climate) immensely.

  • Probably the first who got us to watch "explorer" shows on PBS. Too bad HD had not been invented then.

  • In reply to jack:

    He was always a hero to me, no matter what his real or alleged faults.

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