Henry VIII: "His Own Opinion Was His Law"


Born today Henry VIII,

Defender of the Catholic Faith.

Until he left without remorse:

The Pope  wouldn't grant him a divorce.

The Church of England he began

So he could wed again...and again.*

*"In his final years Henry became an invalid, living in a small suite of rooms, taking dozens of medicines to alleviate the pain in his sore legs, his severe itching and his ulcers. Among his final expenses were payments made for perfumes to freshen his rooms and scent his sheets, repairs to his velvet-upholstered, black-fringed 'close stool' or toilet, and two pairs of large slippers to warm his feet. He continued to spend money on finery, however, ordering feather-trimmed hats and lace nightcaps and dozens of jeweled rings and so many other gems that he had to commission his cabinetmaker to make a new coffer 'with drawers to put stones in.' He had not lost all his vitality; there were rumors that he was seriously thinking of taking a new wife."  ["Royal Panoply: Brief Lives of the English Monarchs" by Carolly Erickson]


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  • Still proves "it's good to be king" {History of the World Part One} even if one has bed sores.

    I'm still surprised that The Prince of Wales didn't off Andrew Parker Bowles, such as sending him on some suicide military mission.

  • In reply to jack:

    I guess he didn't have the horse sense to do it.

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