Henry Ossawa Tanner: He Took " The Greater Journey" To Free His Muse

[Portrait of Henry O. Tanner by Thomas Eakins]

On this day born :  Henry O. Tanner.
His repertoire realistic in manner.*
Tired of the   bigots who often did harass.
He went overseas for his art props  in Paris.*


*"Henry O. Tanner,  while studying painting at a studio in the 1890s, observed that Blacks were accepted by their peers and teachers."  Aline Voldoire in a review of David McCullough's "The Greater Journey:Americans in Paris"

'The Thankful Poor'


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  • Great post! And the Eakins portrait is wonderful. Henry Ossawa Tanner's painting is such beautiful work.

    (There is an amazing painting by Tanner at the Art Institute--"The Two Diciples at the Tomb"---it's not currently on display, though.)

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