Francis Crick: Freethinker Who Cracked the Genetic Code



June 8's birthday was  Francis  Crick's.

He discovered (with Watson)the Double Helix.

Two coiled strands are Nature's means

Of replicating all our genes.


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  • Maybe it is showing how old we are getting, but in college biology, the big news was Crick and Watson, and Watson's book indicated that we had no idea what caused cancer. The other topic in biology was that we had no idea what caused diabetes, although there was some sort of Mendelian pattern.

    Somewhat later, the popular belief was that it would take eons to decode the human genome. Computers sure cut the time on that.

    Move up 45 years, and at least the Angelina Jolie story indicates we have some idea what causes cancer. Also we now have some idea that there are differences between the genes that produce protein and those that regulate those genes.

    ...except you have a typo in the first line of the verse.

  • Thank you, my lynx-eyed friend. I don't know where 'Frederick' came from. They need you at the Sun-Times.

    BTW, for the last minute or so I've been trying to correct the mistake and can't. But will eventually.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    As best as I can tell, the Sun-Times doesn't pay, and if their comment board is any indication, their remaining few readers don't care.

    I almost was going to do a detailed reference on Crick, but saw that you had it right in the headline, and, of course, the graphic.

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