Salvador Dali: The "Father of Surreal Art" Persists in Our Memories

memoryspellbounddaliToday's birthday is Salvador Dali's,
Whose paintings dealt in Freudian follies.
His images seem often  hellbound.
He did the dreams in Hitchcock's Spellbound*.

*In an 1962 interview with Francois Truffaut, Alfred Hitchcock explained why he chose Dali to design the dream sequence in Spellbound:

"I wanted to convey the dream with great visual sharpness and clarity---sharper than the film itself. I wanted Dali because of the architectural sharpness of his work. Chirico has the same quality, you know, the long shadows, the infinity of distance and the converging lines of perspective. But Dali had some strange ideas. He wanted a statue to crack like a shell falling apart, with ants crawling all over it. And underneath, there would be Ingrid Bergman, covered with ants! It just wasn't possible."

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  • Also, in a museum in St. Petersburg, Fla. The one time I was there, I remember tags indicating what was supposedly in the paintings. Sometimes I saw it, other times I didn't.

    Similar to looking at the Picasso in Civic Center Plaza; they say there is a woman if you look from the side, but I concur with those who say that if you look straight on, it is Ollie the Dragon.

    And getting further off the track, there is a PBS special this week where Mell Brooks explains how Hitchcock edited the script for High Anxiety.

  • Jack, you are an Autolycus of information, "a snapper-up of unconsidered trifles."

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Not of that one. However, in that case, there is always highlight, right click, and "Search Google for..."

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