The Next Time You Visit Chicago You May Be an Unwitting Blood Donor


ABC News: Chicago tops Orkin's list for bedbugs.

Chicago is a toddlin' town.
You'll love it  days and nights.
But this won't add to  its renown:
It's worst in bedbug bites.

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  • My parents in Florida said that a bunch of itinerant race track workers rented a condo next to theirs, and then you wouldn't believe the bedbugs.

  • I called Orkin for a pest control problem a few years ago, it took about ten minutes before I escorted him off the premises. They basically have no intention of ridding you of pests, they only continually manage the problem...

    I called a local 'jack of all things grubby', with a few firecrackers and thick chicken wire, problem solved.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    When my sister left the Bob Dold defeat party, she did say that Rose (Dold's company) does do a good job.

    I also wonder if the electronic one does a good job on the rats, mice, and roaches, or in their Spanish commercials ratas, ratones, y cucaratchas, or just is another seen on TV fake.

  • In reply to jack:

    I've had the fake box longer than the chicken wire.

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