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Shakespeare Had Something to Say About Our Politics

In commemoration of Shakespeare Day, I’ve matched a few of his quotes to political figures of the day. (1) “He has strangled/His language in his tears.”  John Boehner (2) “I come not, friends, to steal away your hearts;/I am no orator.”  George W. Bush (3) “Ourself and Bushy/Observed his courtship to the common people.”  Karl... Read more »

Michael Moore: Gadfly for Truth and Justice

Born today was Michael Moore. His movies rankle vested powers. He  fights for  workers and the poor, That  social justice could be ours.

The Book of Mormon on a Sunday Afternoon

My wife and I saw “The Book of Mormon” at the Bank of America Theatre yesterday, a Christmas gift from our children and their  spouses. They know we’re season ticket-holders at the Drury Lane and will jump at the chance to see a live play.  We had premium  front rows seats in the balcony. Probably... Read more »

Henry Fielding: "Madam, I despise your politics as much as I do a fart."

Born today was Henry Fielding Wrote the rollicking “Tom Jones”. Adventures of a  hero yielding To his masculine  hormones.    

Elizabeth II: Timeless Majesty

Born today Elizabeth, Crowned Britain’s Queen in ’53. The world rejoices  she liveth To see her Diamond Jubilee.

Miro, Miro, Off the Wall

Born today was Joan Miro. If you love art, of him you know. His paintings are a whimsey prism Of harlequin surrealism.

Valerie Plame: Casualty of (Political) War

Born today was Valerie Plame Covert agent occupation. Till someone revealed her name In the Bush administration.

Eliot Ness: In the Annals of Gangsta Rap He Was Untouchable

Born today was Eliot Ness The syndicate’s  chief Nemesis. Untouchable, he’d tap a phone And that’s how he caught Al Capone.

Darwin's American Bulldog

      Born today was  Clarence Darrow, Liberal down to the marrow. Defended Scopes in Monkey Trial And won it in Progressive style.    

He Wrote About Our Town

Thornton Wilder was born today, Penned “The Bridge of San Luis Rey” It dramatized the meaning of The bridge tween dead and living: Love.