North Korea, We Come in Peace

shipKim Jong-Un is one bad dude. In case you're not up on the Far East geopolitical leader board, he's the totally obnoxious squirt who took  over as dictator-in-chief in North Korea when his dad died a year ago last December.  In the short time since, he's been  trying  to be the new  blustering  bully  on the block. Which means he periodically threatens to nuke us.  To put this maddening  strongman  into historical perspective,   we fought a war with his country and the war has never ended.  It's now been, counting,  over  six decades of hostilities, mostly the cold kind.

For some crazy reason, Kim Jong-Un thinks we are his enemies.  It's laughable.  But he does.    If he didn't feel this way, would we be  keeping  25,000 troops  across the border in South Korea?   They're only there  because he likes to act like a barnstorming  bully. So every year, we have to do military drills--- war games--- to show his people--- and now him---that we are a peaceful nation. This year we even  included  F-22 stealth fighter jets and a nuclear-powered  supercarrier to demonstrate even more clearly  our desire to live in peace.

If this doesn't convince him to tone down his rhetoric, I don't know what will.  Kim Jong-Un, be reasonable.  We  have drones.

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  • I noted elsewhere:

    1. Showing his people Stealth Bombers is an oxymoron.

    2. I'm not sure if he is in charge or that psychotic, but he seems like their genetically defective version of Todd Stroger. At least Todd didn't have the bomb.

    Besides that, most commentators indicate that he is in a snit because while the U.N. wasn't able to cut off his father's cognac, the current sanctions have that effect. His father was playing around with Bill Clinton until he could get a concession, but the commentators aren't sure what exit strategy Kim the Third has.

    Anyway, my father said that the North is going to nuke the South (so he was not then going to buy a Hyundai), while I pointed out that Korean TV on Channel 41 (for some reason, still not digital) said a Hurricane Katrina type storm in 2041. So, I guess we'll have to lay our bets, although if TV is correct, we might not be around to collect them.

  • Red herring.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    I thought they were more into squid and crabs. And are crabs.

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