Lionel Barrymore: His Mr. Potter Would Be a Republican Today


Born today was Lionel Barrymore,
The evil Potter he portrayed.
He was no match for Clarence or
The friends George Bailey found he'd made.


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  • Mmm, kinda looks like Barney Frank looking at poor George's front side, and wasn't Barney' s spouse involved in the 6 year fraudulent earnings hokey pokey over at Fannie Mae, that earned Democrat Frank Raines over 80 million dollars, and eventual became a major domino in the great 2008 financial Armageddon?

    But I digress, It always drove me crazy that Potter got away with the money, like a modern day Democrat John Corzine.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    The cherry trees may be blooming in Washington, or about to, but it's too early to cherry-pick.

    Have you forgotten Romney's 47% or Ryan's Randian budget.?
    The moochers? What Potter called the "discontented, lazy rabble"?

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