When Will Derrick Rose Return? The $260 Million Question.


Derrick Rose might be a superstar, but he puts on  his Adidas like the rest of us (if  you could afford to):  one foot at a time.  So if the latest reports are right that he's physically fit but not mentally ready,  at the very least he could deign to   dress up for a game and sit along side his teammates on the bench.  That shouldn't put a strain on his (physically fit) knee.  And I'm  almost certain  it wouldn't give him a panic attack.

I just think that  being there is important.  Like Woody Allen once said, showing up is 90% of life.  It might even energize everyone else.  And the fans might feel the king's ransom they pay to get in is all worth it.

Time is running out in the regular season.  16 games to go.  Mr. Rose, what are you waiting for?

If it's all in your head, when will you know the time is ripe?  You've passed the physical.  What's holding you back?

Is it the shoes?

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  • He showed up in a suit for one game.

    For all the money Adidas is paying him, I don't see the return on investment. At least Mike showed up on TV in Hanes underwear, and played Mars Blackmon in Air Jordans. The question is whether Mike showed up without the Hanes in front of all the women who can't maintain a court case against him.

  • Typical one percenter making huge bank on the backs of those that came before him. They should research his family tree and give a cut to all his living relatives who's fore-parents contributed to that superior gene pool.

    BTW, the 260 million doesn't include the 19 million a year the Bulls are paying him.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    Metta Peace makes about $8 million. Rose's metatarsals make $260 million.

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