Sports: A Laundry List of Aches and Pains


When did the sports section become case studies for an introductory course in orthopedic medicine? Every new day  seems  to usher in more candidates for a Dr. House to give a once over.  It's enough to establish a new beat with its own byline: Hospital Blotter.

This morning I counted 13 men and 1 woman who had to be triaged.  From head [a concussion] to toe [Hinrich's big one].

Two Chicago Fire players were sidelined with muscle strains: a quad and a hamstring.  And one was returning for the opener from a ruptured Achilles tendon.

A hockey goaltender [Panthers Jose Theodore] went down with a torn right groin.

Spring is here for the baseball crowd, but so are an assortment of physical mayhem. Like left quad strain [Ian Stewart], tightness in the right lat [Matt Garza], and fractured left forearm [Ranger Martin Perez].

Two current pitchers are back from convalescence: John Danks [shoulder surgery] and Jake Peavy [sore and tired right arm].

And what retired hurler Rick Sutcliffe figured was food poisoning turned out be a hernia blockage that required emergency surgery.

And to prove that Bad Luck is not a sexist, Lauren Silberman--- first woman to try out in an NFL regional scouting combine---injured her leg  after her first kickoff.

Tomorrow is another day.






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  • At least hockey only has upper body and lower body injuries. Marian Hossa must have had an upper body injury for about 9 months, and a concussion, too.

    Maybe contact is greater in in modern day sports, or the athletes just don't "play hurt" these days. But they may as well put all the Bulls on the DL.

  • How about the Andrew Bynum saga? Sits out with sore knees, and now decides he may have surgery. He's a free agent at season's end too. The 76ers' GM has got to get the front office nebbish award, or is there a better word for it?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Not familiar with that one. However being out isn't going to help his value as a free agent, but maybe he thinks he needs the surgery to pass the physical.

    However, it sounds similar, but opposite, to all the Luol Deng* stuff last year about how he needed wrist surgery, but not until after the season, then after the Olympics, to then not at all.

    And, of course, the talk about it is Derrick Rose's body and hence his decision whether to sit.

    *BTW, Deng all the sudden is from South Sudan rather than Duke. And, as for Derek Rose being from Chicago, I don't remember him playing for the Maroons of the U of C.

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