Sequester or Not, This Time the President Has Gone Too Far


The president has cancelled tours
Of White House rooms and wings.

But, President, it isn't yours
And neither are its things.

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  • On the other hand, the crybabby Congress said across the board [subject to exemptions for Social Security and their own pay], and that apparently included the Secret Service.

    So, either both houses can sit down and do the job they should have done by February 28, or live with the consequences.

  • Texas Republican Louie Gohmert

    Gohmert's measure would prohibit the White House from using any of the appropriated funds to pay for Obama's frequent golfing outings unless the tours are reinstated.

    "None of the funds made available by a division of this Act may be used to transport the President to or from a golf course until public tours of the White House resume," Gohmert's amendment reads.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    That was one person I meant by "crybabby Congress." Thanks for supplying the name.

    Apparently he doesn't want to deal with the underlying problem, just like someone on Charlie Rose said last night that there was 90% support in the business community for lowering tax rates and eliminating corporate loopholes, but nobody in Congress wants to touch that, either.

  • ok, ok. I see what your concern is about. But, surprisingly Aquinas brought up the subject of the President's petty move to cancel the White House visits.

    Honestly, I think the President is standing on shaky ground with the sequester. Anyone who has run a household knows the burden of a spending problem. I know I went thru this myself 5 years ago. Becoming efficient is nothing shameful, actually when you get on top of it, there is quite a weight that becomes lifted.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    I see your point that there may be a choice on where to become more efficient* but it still seems like Congress wants to avoid its responsibilities, although there was also a story in today's Tribune** that the Pres. and some senators had a cordial dinner over approaches for dealing with the deficit.

    I don't think that the White House tour is an essential function of government though, as opposed to cutting back ICE enforcement, for instance.

    *That reminds me of when various county board presidents called for across the board cuts, and my first reaction is that the sheriff has to have somebody guard the thousands in Cook County Jail. However, when Preckwinkle took over, she pointed out that the deputies were abusing leave, and suddenly Dart could do it.

    **Sure disappeared from the home page quickly.

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