Bulls Win with a Defense Better Suited for the Mean Streets Than a Basketball Court


The Bulls ended the Heat's 27-game winning streak last night. So I suppose such a  signal victory should  automatically  make this Bulls fan overjoyed.

But it doesn't.

Instead it leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

I have to agree with Lebron James, who despite  being  Public Enemy No. 1 for many Bulls fans,  is unquestionably  the quintessential  basketball player of this era. "Those are not basketball plays," James lamented, referring to the assault and battery the Bulls call defense.  Most of which the refs turned a blind eye to.

The King was tackled, poked and raked repeatedly across the face, tripped, slapped, and generally subjected to thuggery.  It was a shameless display of survival of the fittest.  But it wasn't basketball.

If that's what it takes for the Bulls to beat the Heat, maybe it isn't worth it.




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  • Maybe you forgot "Hack a Shaq." The philosophy of the Bulls (and many other teams) was "we have 3 centers, that's 17 fouls to give. Let's see if Shaq can make any free throws."

    Once pro basketball became based on the street game, just about anything today is a foul. We haven't progressed much from the days when Heinrich would stick an elbow into someone's gut and Wayne Larrivee would say "how can they call that?" According to Wayne, and sometimes Neil, Heinrich is incapable of committing a foul.

    Going back a couple of days, I don't see how Nate Robinson thought he could get away with putting a horsecollar tackle in the Thunder game. As any football player would tell him, go for the ankles.

  • In reply to jack:

    They never dared to foul Shaq too physically. For good reason.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Let's see if the Mouse in the House, Nate Robinson, can get a horsecollar on Shaq. Even when Shaq is sitting in his Buick LaCrosse.

  • Have you ever watched basketball in the 80's or 90's? This is what real hard, tough, mucky, big boy basketball is. I understand in today's game of "lob city" and "posterizing" it gets lost and forgotten but that was a tough playoff-like basketball game.

    That being said... you're also wrong because both plays were basketball plays. While Hinrich brought LeBron down, Hinrich also got run over by LeBron as he lowered his shoulder into him and Hinrich chose to wrap him up as he went down in order to prevent a shot and a potential 3 point play. I realize he didn't make a play on the ball but it was a purposeful foul with the intention of not allowing your opponent to get a shot up. I can potentially see Taj's play being more of the flagrant variety but it seemed that Taj was trying to make up for a bad defensive play and got LeBron's neck on the follow through while trying to swat at the ball. But even on that, its important to point out that the refs actually reviewed the play and still determined it as just a foul.

    Lastly, the Bulls do not have a reputation of a cheap, dirty team. We're not the 80's Pistons or the Pat Riley (oh the irony) coached 90's Knicks. We dont have a bunch of dirty defensive players either nor would Thibs preach or teach dirty basketball tactics or schemes. The Bulls played hard tough basketball and stood up to the Heat as other teams have all withered when the Heat make their usual 2nd half comeback.

    Enjoy this game because unfortunately with Rose sitting out, the Bulls dont have a chance in the playoffs and the Heat are probably going to win the title again. So... enjoy it because last night might have been your "championship."

  • In reply to ripiceman:

    I don't recall those Pistons ever tackling Jordan. If Thibs is innocent of preaching the roughhousing, who is in charge?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Laimbeer and Rodman were engaged in various forms of collateral activity. Like, with regard to your response to Hack a Shaq, maybe not to Jordan, though. But someone other then me may have a more comprehensive memory.

  • Hinrich's wrap up wasn't thuggery, and Lebron lowered into him. Gibson's was reviewed. How about Lebron's flagrant into Boozer? Lebron gets away with so many offensive charges it makes him indefensible, and if the NBA is going allow him to be indefensible, then why bother playing the game.

    It's guaranteed that the NBA will give the Heat the title, even with thier uncompetitively put together, deal with Devil, collusion cheating ways. Aquinas it sounds like you have Stockholm syndrome, or maybe stick with the Disney Channel.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    I prefer Hanna-Barbera cartoons, such as with El Kabong. Or even the Acme Safe falling on Wile E Coyote in the Geico commercial.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    Boozer was ready to set a bruising pick . James reacted to the physical punishment he had been absorbing throughout the game up to that point. The refs allowed the Bulls to get away with a lot of gratuitous rough play.

    No one is going to give the Heat the tile. If they win it, they will have won it on their superior play. Pure and simple.

    Hinrich's wrap was over the top. He never went for the ball. It was indisputably a thuggish play.

    4zen, it's Easter time, be little more charitaBull.

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