The New Bears' Coach? It Might Be You!


From the Sports Pages: "No one is excluded. I'm not excluding anybody." Bears GM Phil Emery on his coaching search.

Anyone might coach the Bears.
The job is up for grabs.
It might be someone picking pears,
Or someone hailing cabs.

He might be selling bonds and stocks
Or managing a diner.
Or on a chain gang breaking rocks
Or flying an airliner.

You can't rule out a salesman,
A butcher or a baker.
A bailiff or a bailsman,
A Mormon or a Quaker.

Most anybody has a shot
At leading them to glory.
Except there's one I'm sure will  not:
Yours truly. End of story.

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  • Me either. Since I use Right Guard, I don't have an offensive system. On the other hand, apparently the Bears' problem was that they didn't have a right guard and thus were not sufficiently offensive.

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