The Joint Chiefs of Distaff

limMedia Note:  On his radio show, Rush Limbaugh--- who never served in the military   because of a cyst on his buttocks-- ridiculed the idea of women on the front lines.

Soon women will fight on the front
And engage deadly fire like a grunt.
Call it courage, no less,
Not like, Rush, PMS,
Just a snipe from a chicken-hawk runt.

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  • I just read the transcript from the show you alluded to in your post. It was actually kind of funny.

    I often ask people if they had a choice between truth and 'what's best', what would they choose ? The answer usually reveals a lot.

    I also often ask if the fight for equality will ever reach our birthing laws...and will the truth of it, be 'what's best'.

  • I figure if it is all volunteers and the next Tammy Duckworth wants to take the risk of having her legs blown off or being held captive and sexually assaulted by some gorilla guerrilla, so be it.

    Just be aware that when the National Guard advertises "see the world," it might be a free trip to Afghanistan. Apparently not Mali yet.

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