Ryan's Tattoo Sparks a Kerfuffle.


Pro Football Sidebar: The New York Daily News has posted a photo of Jets' coach, Rex Ryan, sunbathing in the Bahamas. On his right arm is a tattoo of a woman believed to be his wife, provocatively clad only in a Mark Sanchez jersey and kneeling in a pose made famous by Tim Tebow---aka Teabowing.

A tattoo of Rex Ryan's mate
Has made a few Jet fans irate.

She strikes a pose one might call daring:
A Sanchez jersey's all she's wearing.

They're not disturbed by what she's showing.
But of the fact that she's Teabowing.

But, Rex, I say, have no regrets.
And tell the fans to cool their jets.

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  • Kudos for working kerfuffle into the title.

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