Can the Irish Live This Myth Down?

lennatI've been trying to wrap my head around the Manti Te'o imbroglio. All I get is a pile of apocalyptic horse manure.   It seems Manti  had a girl friend, Lennay Kekua,  but never really saw her?  They only  met, in a manner of speaking, on the Internet and talked  on the phone?   Talk about sexy voices, huh?

So, they never actually dated. Never went to a movie.  Never crashed at her place after a romantic evening. Never built sand castles on one of those gorgeous Hawaiian beaches. But she was his GIRL! But, you see,  she did't  exist.

But even so,   the narrative has  this  poignant  coincidence --- she  died of leukemia on the same day  his grandmother died?  But Lennay was purely a  figment of  the imagination?  But how was Manti to know?   By some kind of strange  cyber enchantment---cat phishing?---he  believed  this  contrived tale of lost love and furthermore  imagined doing things he really didn't do?   It's enough to curl your neocortex into knots.

And no one,  not a single, solitary person  at Notre Dame---a  great institution of higher learning---even  bothered to  check out this fanciful  story?   Nary a stakeholder  in college sports could smell  the bad odor  of a rat?

If you ask me what's worse than giving up the ghost in  the BCS championship game , I'd  have to say  being punked at the wake.





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  • Your last paragraph raises the point I just posted elsewhere--if he was that much in love, why didn't he go to the funeral (unless it was game day, I suppose)?

    Somehow, Notre Dame has just sunk back to its credibility level exhibited in the Declan Sullivan matter.

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    You spelled Manti wrong.

    By Aquinas wired, Thursday at 2:44 pm
    I've been trying to wrap my head around the Mani Te'o imbroglio.

  • In reply to sakebomb22:

    Thanks, sakebomb22. I stand corrected.

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    *** Biggest NON-news event of the year !

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