Gingrich Tells GOP to Lighten Up

ginglaughNewt Gingrich has offered a hand
To tweak the Republican brand.
It's so simple and snappy:
"Spread sunshine, be happy.
It's our grumpiness voters can't stand."

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  • Newty needs to put on a red hat and coat to go with that ho-ho-ho, cause from here on out, who ever brings that 'brand new bag' wins the show.

  • I figure that Newt was the first to say "let's shut the government down," and whether one can argue whether that was Newt's or Clinton's fault, I don't think he can now disown it. Sort of similar to Clinton saying "I am satisfied having sex only with 65 year old Hillary now, and don't care about Kelly Clarkson's posterior."

    But they did prove that even Hillary had sex with Bill once.

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