Trumping Up a Scapegoat for the Fiscal Cliff, Boehner Should Look in the Mirror


Chicago Tribune Headline: "Boehner points finger at Obama on 'fiscal cliff'

John Boehner points his finger,
Blames Obama for impasse.

But won't extend the tax cuts
For the struggling middle class.

He's  adamant the 1%
Hangs on to all its  pelf.

Mr. Speaker, point your finger
At the one to blame: yourself.

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    Cute, but doesn't get to the heart of the matter. Worth reading Steve Forbes' latest letter to Boehner, all about what Boehner is actually doing wrong, and what the GOP can do to fix the sitution

  • In reply to Jon Blunting:

    I take it that Steve Forbes is in the same percentile as yesterday's C. Montgomery Burns.

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