"The Last Days of the Republican Party" Starring Greg Kinnear as John Boehner


The Republican Party is headed for oblivion. It no longer is relevant in today's pluralistic, multicultural America.  On social issues like women's reproductive rights, same-sex marriage, and immigration, Republicans are stuck in an inextricable rut on the wrong side of history.  Obama's reelection  dramatically exposed this.  The Conservative  Right no longer appeals to the great  majority of Hispanics, Blacks, women, college students, and  the working, middle-class. These Americans have come to realize that the GOP carries water for the  Corporatists,  Wall Street,  and  the Christian fundamentalists and evangelicals.  

 More and more  Americans are rising up in anger because of  the widening  gulf  between the rich and everyone else.   The Republican response is to keep doubling down in their support for lower taxes on those whose wealth has accumulated exponentially over the last 30 years  while the wages of ordinary people have hardly budged.

 Republicans are opposed to raising the minimum wage, opposed to universal health care,  opposed to protecting the environment, opposed to  labor unions.

What are they for?  No tax increases for the top 1%. Little or  no regulations of  the market place. No Glass-Steagall(separation of commercial from investment banking).   Out-sourcing American jobs. Off-shore corporations and bank accounts.  Voucherizing Social Security, Medicare. Privatizing mail service. Suppressing minority voting. No term limits. No campaign finance reform. Teaching creationism as science. Denying climate change. Gerrymandering  Congressional districts. The Defense of Marriage Act. A parenthood amendment that would define human life as beginning at conception. Transvaginal ultrasound probes.

These are not positions. These are death rattles.

Coming soon to a local theater: "The Last Days of the Republican Party"   starring Greg Kinnear as Speaker John Boehner.

A real tearjerker.  Bring your hankerchief.


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  • As far as "Gerrymandering Congressional districts," the last I heard, Barbara Flynn Currie was not a Republican. However, she may have worked it so that Debbie Halverson is the next representative from the 2nd CD.

    As far as privatizing mail service, the Postal Service has shown that it isn't economically viable, primarily due to most people using electronic means to communicate or pay bills. So, something has to be done.

    The only thing I can say is that the Republican presidential candidates didn't have much to commend them, and all this basically proves is that no one is in the middle.

  • In reply to jack:

    The founding fathers consider the Post Office so vital that they mandated its existence in the Constitution(Article I, Section 8).

    Justice Holmes said that the Post Office "is almost as much a part of free speech as the right to use our tongues."

    Its balance sheet would be no where as troubling as it is if Congress had not required it to have reserves to pay for health benefits 75 years in advance. What other business is required to do that?

    It's true that gerrymandering is done by both parties, but the Republicans nationally may be better at it and have benefited more from it in recent years. The Republican majority in the House is largely be the result of gerrymandering.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Well, I don't like what the Dems did to my district.

    I also don't think that the Constitution mandated that the mail be carried by the Pony Express, or that UPS and Fed Ex be barred either. If the current law isn't the right way to get the USPS on a sustainable fiscal path, something else should be done.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Also, if you believe in Justice Holmes's view of the First Amendment, mail me your next post instead of posting it on a blog. The Internet may have done more than anything else to bring the power of the First Amendment to the common folk, although it also brings it to crackpots.

  • Touche, Jack, you're spot on.

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